How to clean the sewer pipe: 5 most effective methods


If you are the owner of an apartment or private house, then at least once already faced with the problem of how to clean the sewer pipe in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. And if you have not had such a situation yet, then it may arise at any time, and by that time it is better to be fully armed. To this end, in this article we present the most common and effective ways to solve it.

Clogged sewers require immediate action to eliminate congestion.

General provisions

The first step is to decide when your intervention has become necessary.

Signs of

Photos of water that has become in the sink

The most important and obvious indicator is, of course, the complete stopping of the draining liquid; here, in any case, you will have to do something, otherwise the apartment or house will quickly become unfit for life. But to wait until such a tragedy will take you by surprise at the time of taking a bath or the arrival of guests, also should not be.

Therefore, it is better to still use preventive measures, a signal to which are:

  • Change in water drift rate. If she began to leave more slowly, then this is the first bell before a full stop.
  • Raising the level of liquid in the lower stock at the moment of switching on any of the taps, which is usually due to the formation of a plug in the pipe.
  • The appearance of fetid odors from the drain points. This means a violation of the sewer trap, which is possible only in the event of a malfunction of the sewer system.
The unfortunate result of clogging in the toilet - prevent its occurrence

And what leads to clogged sewage?

The reasons

Understanding the causes of congestion in pipes, you can minimize them. To do this, let's look at their types:

Clogging type Features and Features
Operational This is due to the fat that accumulates on the walls of the pipes, and hairs, food particles and other possible garbage are already beginning to stick to it.
Mechanical It is usually formed as a result of the activities of the owners, namely, the dumping of large wastes that do not have time to dissolve and create a cork
Siphon pollution The water seal protects you from unpleasant odors, but over time, layers of lamination form on its walls, which must be periodically cleaned, otherwise the device will become completely blocked.
Man-made The most difficult case arising due to improper inclination of sewage pipes: too large - the water does not have time to seize the garbage, too small - the pressure does not have sufficient force to push the garbage
Demonstration of the formation of fatty deposits on the inner walls of pipes

Methods of struggle

So, having dealt with the causes and types of sewer blockages, we proceed to the answers to the question of how to clean sewer pipes:

First way

The work of a professional plumber equipped with special equipment

How to clean the cast iron sewer pipe of the general riser? First you need to make sure that it is in it: flush the water at all points of the drain, if it is everywhere, then get ready for the worst. Independently cope with such a task is almost impossible, and only the plumber call will correct the situation.

The advantages of this solution:

  • As a result, an accident of any complexity will be eliminated.
  • You don't have to do it yourself.


  • The price of the work done in some cases can be quite high.
  • Lost time before plumbing arrives.

Second way

The easiest method, how to clean the sewer plastic pipe, is to use boiling water, but it is suitable, however, only in the case of operational congestion. Hot water breaks down fats, washing away their layers.

Tip: it is recommended to add soda or citric acid to the drain. This will greatly increase the cleaning efficiency.

Add soda before using boiling water

Third way

The use of a plunger to push a stagnant mud plug

A plunger is still a grandfather, but, nevertheless, still an effective tool. It is easy to use, cheap and compact to store.

The instruction of its operation looks like this:

  • Fill the sink or toilet with water.
  • Place the product tightly with a suction cup on the drain hole.
  • We press on it several times, as a result of which, under pressure, the garbage mass should move and lose its shape.
  • We remove, so that the flow of liquid rush could finally destroy the plug.
  • If the water becomes again, then repeat the process until a satisfactory result.

Fourth way

Household chemicals for cleaning sewage

Filling chemicals will help break even the most durable and well-established congestion. They are freely sold in specialized stores.

Tip: before use, be sure to read the operating instructions to avoid burns.

Fifth way

Metal cable for cleaning sewage

How to clean the sewer pipes, if all the previous simple methods have not helped, but still do not want to spend money on a call plumbing? Then you can use a special steel string with a handle, the length of which reaches ten meters. It is necessary to spend money, however, but much less, and the device will stay with you forever. You can describe the use of sewer cord in four steps:

Act Purpose
Disconnecting sewer pipe It will be inconvenient and inefficient to clean from a sink through a siphon, so it is better to get as close to the place of clogging as possible.
Cable introduction Allows you to get to the place of clogging
Scroll knob If the cause of the fault is a hair or a rag, then so you wind it on the string
Taking out the device So you remove all the dirt caught on the product.


Sewage jams are a common problem in our apartments and private houses. Various reasons lead to their appearance, but in any case, this will eventually lead to a catastrophe. To prevent this, you should periodically clean the sewage system using one of the methods described above.

Timely prevention will eliminate the occurrence of jams

The video in this article will introduce you to more information. Solve problems before they appear!